Pata mafanikio, tangaza hapa

Tangaza nasi hapa.

Pata mafanikio, tangaza hapa

Tangaza nasi hapa.

Pata mafanikio, tangaza hapa

Tangaza nasi hapa.

Pata mafanikio, tangaza hapa

Tangaza nasi hapa.

Thursday, 12 May 2022

BANK OF AFRICA participation during the CCBRT fundraising Gala Dinner

The former President of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete together with the representatives of BANK OF AFRICA in a group photo during the Gala Dinner that was organized by the Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation (CCBRT) in Tanzania. The event was hosted to help raise funds for the CCBRT Maternity wing during the weekend
The CEO for the Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation (CCBRT) in Tanzania Ms. Brenda Msangi in a group photo with the BOA representation during the Dinner Gala organized by the Hospital

Friday, 6 May 2022


The Managing Director and CEO for BANK OF AFRICA giving his thank you note to the bank's clients during the IFTAR Dinner prepared by the bank in Zanzibar
BANK OF AFRICA CEO Adam Mihayo (L) greets one of the bank's customers during the IFTAR Dinner hosted by the bank in Zanzibar
The Guest of Honor, Hon. Jamal Kassim Ali, Minister of State President Office Zanzibar (at the middle) in a group photo with BANK OF AFRICA's clients and senior Officials

Friday, 29 April 2022


The Managing Director Adam Mihayo welcomes clients at the IFTAR event prepared by the bank in Dar es Salaam
The Managing Director Adam Mihayo welcome remarks during the IFTAR dinner prepared by the bank
The Managing Director enjoying IFTAR Dinner held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel together with his clients.

Wednesday, 9 March 2022

BANK OF AFRICA Celebrate International Women’s Day with the theme “Break the Bias”

Jesca Kawegere (right), the Chief Nursing Officer of the Ocean Road Cancer Institute of Dar es Salaam thanking the women staff of BANK OF AFRICA for the support of special chairs, as well as various medicines to help the patients being treated at the hospital as part of the celebration of International Women's Day.
Ocean Road Cancer Institute Social Welfare Officer Justin Chambo, fourth from the right, being handed over special chair support for patient support as well as medical medications by BANK OF AFRICA Organization and Service Excellence Unit Head, Ms. Anna-Roberta Mango at the hospital as part of the celebration of International Women's Day, the donation was provided by the bank.

DAR ES SALAAM, BANK OF AFRICA Group is particularly proud of its overwhelming number of female employees. BOA Group is indeed attached great importance to gender equality. The proportion of women steadily increase over the years, as well as their level of responsibility. The International women’s day is celebrated differently in the 18 banks of BANK OF AFRICA network present in West Africa, East Africa and Central Africa.

At BANK OF AFRICA-TANZANIA, we celebrate the International Women’s Day with the theme “Break the Bias” that celebrates the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future and highlights the gaps that remain. Explained Ms. Mariaconsolata Wapalila, the General Manager at BANK OF AFRICA.

Ms. Maria also explained “The potential for women is vast, but there is still more to be done to reach true gender equality. To keep building momentum means challenging the oppressive and biased mindsets that hold women back.

Across the world, less than 15 per cent of the world's countries have a female leader. Only 24 per cent of senior managers are women and 25 per cent of companies have no female senior managers at all. At BANK OF AFRICA-TANZANIA as we promote “Break the Bias”, we believe in gender equality in our work space. Currently our female to male ratio stands at 47% while 41% of our leaders being women. Said Ms. Pamela Kieti – Sweke, Head of Human resources at BANK OF AFRICA.

On 8th March 2022, the women at BANK OF AFRICA also had an opportunity to visit the Ocean Road Cancer Institute with the aim of comforting the sick. At the hospital the bank was able to provide wheel chairs and medication that will be used by cancer patients in need. This is as supported by the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Mission, that aims at supporting Health, Education and Social activities.

As a bank, financial inclusion is at the core of our innovation. Our goal is to create products that are gender inclusive. This is by developing tailor made products, such as; The Bank’s Chama Account- a group savings account for informal groups (VIKOBA etc) formed with purpose of saving and giving loans to its’ group members. Women have taken hold of the opportunity this account offers in building their businesses and taking care of their families. Our SME product offerings also help in providing financial assistance to women in Tanzania which is about 43% of SMEs in Tanzania.

Friday, 24 December 2021

BANK OF AFRICA launches new ATM card features to improve customer convenience

BANK OF AFRICA (BOA- Tanzania) Deputy Managing Director Wasia Mushi (right) Sales Manager Fortunatus Joachim (Second right), Acting Head of Digital Services Unit Aman Anord (left) and Marketing Manager, Beatrice Mirigo display newly launched VISA GREEN card in Dar es Salaam.

DAR ES SALAAM, December 22th 2021 – Bank of Africa in Tanzania have launched new interesting features for its ATM cards implemented in both the bank’s VISA and UMOJA SWITCH cards. The launch involved the introduction of the bank’s Prepaid card dubbed” VISA GREEN” and the introduction of the ATM cards interoperability features.

Speaking at the launch, the Deputy Managing Director for BANK OF AFRICA TANZANIA, Mr. Wasia Mushi said that; “the launch of the prepaid cards together with the introduction of the interoperability feature of our cards is to ensure that customers transactions are convenient and efficient.

These new interoperability feature will enable the banks customers to be able to perform transactions in any of the 18 African countries in which the bank is present which extends from West, East, Central and southern Africa.

Our prepaid cards also come as an added advantage to enable our clients to be able to perform cashless transactions during this holiday season, all you have to do is to top up your card and you are good to go, no need of walking with a lump sum of money which can be unsafe at times. Hence we guarantee you safety of your funds and transact anywhere with your card at hand.

The launch of the new card and the new interoperability feature is a demonstration of BANK OF AFRICA’s commitment to providing world-class products and services to its clients. Explained Mr. Mushi

The acting Chief Digital Officer, Mr. Amani Anord, added, “The interoperability feature is a services established by BOA group that will allow all the ATM cards for Bank of Africa customers to be accepted in BOA group network without rooting the transactions to international switch like visa, instead we will use our own BOA switch for processing the transaction and settlement.

This service will allow BOATZ cards (UMOJA SWITCH and VISA) originating from the bank to operate and to be accepted in ATMs of the BANK OF AFRICAs subsidiaries and to be treated as local transaction with fee defined system. To improve customer experience, convenience to utilize BANK OF AFRICA group Network and allow customers to transact in other BOA ATM with lower transaction fees compared to the international charges currently available.

Ladies and gentlemen, the beauty of using BANK’s prepaid paid card is that, it does not need to be linked to any of customers’ account to access this service. One can use the prepaid card to make purchase on line, shopping, payments of bills or use within family members.

Prepaid cards provide a relatively simple way to pay for purchases without taking out a line of credit or using a bank account. And they pose less risk since you have to load money onto the card in order to use it — perfect if you’re worried about overspending or misplacing your debit or credit card and giving fraudsters access to your debit or credit limits.

The introduction of these new features is intended to make it easier, safer, and faster for our customers to transact, Mr. Anord urged. “The cards improve customer convenience, and access to your funds is made ease.

Mr. Anord emphasizes that the roll-out of the new features and prepaid card is in line with their customers’ increasing preference for solutions that add ease and convenience to their lives.

“The shift away from cash and towards contactless payment methods has only been accelerated by the pandemic and will continue to grow under the new normal,” he says.

The bank strives to be at the forefront of new financial innovation and technology to make customers remotely access bank services. As they adjust to the new normal, they are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and seamless customer experience, reduce cash dependency and ultimately increase the adoption of digital payments and transaction platforms.

Friday, 10 December 2021

BANK OF AFRICA launches bancassurance in collaboration with Alliance Life and Alliance General Insurance

DAR ES SALAAM, December 8th 2021- BANK OF AFRICA, one of the leading Pan African multinational bank, has on Wednesday launched its bancassurance services in collaboration with Alliance life and Alliance General Insurance. The product dubbed “BIMA KWANZA” is set to bring changes in the insurance market in Tanzania while aiming at promoting financial inclusion and making the bank as a one stop center for all its clients’ needs.

Speaking during the launch Mr. Adam Mihayo, the Managing Director and CEO for BANK OF AFRICA-TANZANIA explained, “We are happy to launch the product because Bancassurance is becoming an important factor to support the overall growth of the financial services industry in many markets. Partnership between banks and insurance companies has significant benefits to clients as it enables them to get an expanded products and services suite, and also helps from a risk coverage perspective for potential default situations in case unforeseen occurrences happen to them.

I applaud the Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority and the Bank of Tanzania for issuing the Bancassurance guidelines for banks and financial institutions in 2019, highlighting that they demonstrate a positive collaboration and development by the two regulators to enable growth and expansion in this segment through a coordinated and regulated manner.

As part of the policy for the 6th Phase Government under our President Her Excellency Samia Suluhu Hassan, the government is keen to see every Tanzanian has access to financial services. In this context we are pleased to introduce to you “BIMA KWANZA”. This will not only help our clients in securing their funds and wealth, but also their peace of mind and thus their wellbeing” remarked Adam.

Speaking at the launch event, Mr. Byford Mutimusakwa, Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Life Assurance Limited, said that, we are excited about BIMA KWANZA milestone in which we are an active partner. We have partnered with BOA Bank in developing innovative products and winning strategies for the BOA bancassurance distribution channel. Through this partnership we are going to offer exceptionally and uniquely value adding life insurance solutions to our mutual clients. All this is encapsulated in our mission Statement ie “To be the Leading Life Assurance Provider that provides superior products and services for the benefit of Tanzanians”. Our products include Group Life products, Credit Life products, embedded products and Individual life products such as Education Policies, Keyman Policies, Protection and investment policies.

The Alliance Life Partnership with BOA Bank will enable the Bank to become a one Stop shop for banking and insurance services through the branch network of BOA Bank. This will give BOA Bank a competitive advantage in the market.

This is clearly a Win-Win partnership for all stakeholders. This will surely increase insurance penetration in Tanzania.

Mr Byford Mutimusakwa further said, Alliance Life Assurance Limited is a leading life insurance company and one the fastest growing life Insurance companies in Tanzania. We have been in the market for 23 years. Some of the large claims that we have paid include Tshs 2.9 billion (2019); Tshs 1 billion (2021) several claims between Tshs 500 million and Tshs 1 billion. This goes to prove our financial muscle and our commitment to service delivery. This is aptly captured in our values which are Integrity, commitment, speed and passion.

Speaking at the launch event, the Alliance General, Chief Executive Officer; Mr. Rajiv Kumar has said that Banca distribution channel has become a strong channel in order to make insurance products accessible to a large number of Tanzanians which aims to improve the penetration of insurance in all regions of the country.

This channel has also helped increase employment opportunities for young graduates. Through the partnership, Bank of Africa - Alliance Insurance Corporation Ltd, is now able to provide a one stop solution for both banking and general insurance products General to its customers across the branch network. For Building an omnichannel system like this, we have worked on creating a joint team of both Bank of Africa and Alliance Insurance Corporation Ltd employees, who are empowered to bring together all the functions involved in the effort in an agile way.

This new team will work on a target model that both the Bank of Africa and Alliance Insurance, use this as a means of supporting bold moves and providing full transparency. In addition, the team is empowered to constantly prioritize and adjust initiatives based on continuous feedback gathered along the way from functions such as analytics, campaign design, and management.

There are incredible growth opportunities for bancassurance, however, the key to capturing them lies in digital and analytics capabilities that will enable personalization, a superior customer experience, and an omnichannel offering. Customers want a solution and not just a insurance product, our aim will be to ensure customers experience hassle free by providing a number of value additions to client's insurance program including easy access for claims reporting, regular advises, follow-up and settlement.

The Principal officer for BANK OF AFRICA TANZANIA MS. Eva Kakwale also added “Another advantage is the leverage we have with our network, customers can now access insurance services in all the locations that BANK OF AFRICA is located all the way from Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha, Dodoma and all the strategic locations in major cities in the 11 regions that we are present in Tanzania.

Bank of Africa Tanzania will now become your one stop shop. The bancassurance distribution model allows our customers to get their insurance products along with an amalgamation of other financial services under one roof. Insurance used to be the missing piece of the puzzle which now Banc assurance completes. There are many more advantages to this but as a bank we offer our assurance of the best value for money”.

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Improve life through financial education with Bank of Africa

Mr. Titus Masele, the Relationship Manager at BANK OF AFRICA explaining about the bank’s products and services to one of the clients visiting the bank’s booth during the National Financial Service week that was officially launched on the 10th November 2021 at Mnazi Mmoja grounds. This year the event was launched with the main theme “Improve life through financial education”
Mr. Titus Masele, the Relationship Manager at BANK OF AFRICA explaining about the bank’s products and services to one of the clients visiting the bank’s booth during the National Financial Service week that was officially launched on the 10th November 2021 at Mnazi Mmoja grounds. This year the event was launched with the main theme “Improve life through financial education” .
BANK OF AFRICA staff explaining about the bank’s products and services to clients visiting the bank’s booth during the National Financial Service week that was officially launched on the 10th November 2021 at Mnazi Mmoja grounds. This year the event was launched with the main theme “Improve life through financial education”.

Monday, 1 November 2021


Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa BANK OF AFRICA Adam Mihayo akiwa na Mkurugenzi mkuu wa ZAN OCEAN, pembeni yake ni Mkurugenzi mtendaji wa ZAN OCEAN Suleiman Seif.
Kamishina wa bodi ya mapato Zanzibar Salim Yusuph Ali (katikati) pamoja na wajumbe wa Bank Of Africa (BOA) wakiongozwa na Mkurugenzi Mtendaji na mkurugenzi mkuu Adam Mihayo (wa pili kulia) walipotembelea ofisi za kamishka ZRB jana. Wengine ni Mkurugenzi msaidizi Samir Yassine ( wa pili kushoto) Mkuu wa idara ya wateja wa reja reja Ninaeli Mndeme (kulia) na mkuu wa Business Emmanuel Nzella
Waziri wa Biashara na Maendeleo ya Viwanda wa Serikali ya Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar, Omar .S. Shaban (wa pili kutoka kushoto) akiwa katika picha ya pamoja na ujumbe wa BANK OF AFRICA (BOA) ukiongozwa na Mkurugenzi Mkuu mpya, Adam Mihayo (kushoto) ulipotembelea ofisi kwake jana, wengine pichani ni Naibu Mkurugenzi wa BOA, Samir Yassine (kulia) na Mkurugenzi wa wakala wa kuendeleza Biashara ndogo na za kati Zanzibar (SMIDA), Soud Ali.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Hispania yaridhishwa
na kazi ya  TASAF

SERIKALI ya Hispania imeridhishwa na utekelezaji wa mpango wa kunusuru kaya maskini katika wilaya mbalimbali nchini ambao unatekelezwa na Mfuko wa Maendeleo ya Jamii Tanzania  (TASAF).
Akizungumza baada ya kutembelea baadhi ya vijiji vya Wilaya ya  Bagamoyo kwa wanufaika wa mpango huo, Balozi wa Hispania nchini, Luis Cuesta Civis,  alisema mpango huo unaonyesha unatekelezwa kikamilifu na kwa mafanikio makubwa.
Alisema lengo la serikali ya Hispania na nchi nyingine wafadhili ni kuona umasikini unapungua kwa kasi nchini Tanzania na ikiwezekana kuutokomeza, ifikapo mwaka 2025.
“Tumeridhishwa na utekelezaji wa mpango, kwani tumepata  fursa ya kuzungumza na walengwa kutoka kaya masikini na kutudhihirishia manufaa yake,” alisema.
Naye Mkurugenzi wa TASAF,Ladislaus Mwamanga, alisema mpango wa kunusuru kaya masikini na uhawilishaji fedha ni moja ya mipango ya serikali  katika kuhakikisha inapunguza wimbi la umasikini
Mwamanga alisema utekelezaji wa mpango huo umekuwa ukitekelezwa katika njia kuu mbili, ikiwemo mpango wa kunusuru kaya masikin na mpango wa utoaji wa ajira za muda.
Naye Mratibu Mkazi wa Shirika  Umoja wa Mataifa la Mpango wa Maendeleo(UNDP),Alvaro  Rodriguez, aliipongeza jamii katika
maeneo waliyoyatembelea na kueleza kwamba kila penye mafanikio panahitaji mipango ya uhakika .

Alisema jambo kubwa ni kuweka dhamira  ya kweli  katika ushiriki na utekelezaji wa mpango huo, hivyo wanapaswa kuupiga vita umasikini kwa vitendo.

 ‘Fanyeni uamuzi sahihi
 uchaguzi mkuu Oktoba’

WAKATI Taifa likielekea katika uchaguzi mkuu wa rais, wabunge na madiwani, Watanzania wametakiwa kufanya uamuzi sahihi, ili kuwapata viongozi watakaowaletea maendeleo.
Pia  wametakiwa kujitokeza kwa wingi kujiandikisha katika katika daftari la kudumu la wapigakura, ili watumie haki yao ya kikatiba kuwachagua viongozi wanaowataka.
Wito huo ulitolewa juzi na Askofu wa Jimbo la Shinyanga,  Liberatus Sangu, katika sherehe ya Jubilee ya miaka 55 ya Padri Paul Fagani, wa  Parokia ya Kanisa Katoliki la  Mt. Petro Songambele Nkololo, wilayani Bariadi, mkoani Simiyu, iliyofanyikia kanisani hapo.
Askofu Sangu alisema katika kipindi hiki, Watanzania hawana budi kuchunguza kwa makini na kufanya uamuzi sahihi, ili kuwapata viongozi watakaotumikia taifa kwa uadilifu na weledi.
Mbali na hilo, askofu huyo  aliwataka waumini wa dini hiyo kupiga vita mauji ya vikongwe pamoja na watu wenye ulemavu wa ngozi, huku akibainisha kuwa dini hiyo haikubalini na jambo la binadamu kumtoa roho mwenzake.

Katika Jubilee hiyo iliyohudhuriwa na mamia ya wakazi wa Wilaya ya Bariadi, Padri Paul Fagani, alihitimiza  miaka 55 ya upadri, tangu alipopata daraja hilo nchini Marekani, ambapo mwaka 1960 alikuja Tanzania na kuanzishwa  Parokia ya Buhangija Shinganya kama Paroko Msaidizi na mwaka 2007 alianzisha Parokia hiyo ya Mtakatifu. Petro Songambele Nkololo.

Wanafunzi wakoma
kutumia vibatari
 TATIZO lililokuwa likiwakabili wanafunzi wa Shule ya Sekondari ya Kata ya Tulya, wilayani Iramba, mkoani Singida la kutumia mishumaa na vibatari wakati wa kujisomea usiku, hatimaye limepatiwa ufumbuzi.
Hatua hiyo imefikiwa baada ya Asasi ya The Bourke Family Foundation(BFF) ya nchini Marekani, kuipatia shule hiyo msaada wa taa za umeme wa jua katika maktaba ya shule hiyo.
 BFF pia imewapatia taa za umeme wa jua wanafunzi wote wa shule ya sekondari Tulya, zitakazowawezesha kujisomea nyakati za usiku ili wafanye vizuri katika masomo yao.
 Akizungumza  baada ya kupokea msaada huo, mwanafunzi wa kidato cha tatu shuleni hapo,John Eliudi John alisema kabla ya kupatiwa msaada huo wa umeme wa jua,  walikuwa wakitumia mishumaa na vibatari, ambavyo viliwasababishia kuumwa na vifua kutokana na moshi waliokuwa wakiuvuta..
“Lakini kwa sasa tumepata sola, najua tutaongeza juhudi katika kusoma na tutasoma kwa muda mrefu zaidi ya pale mwanzoni tulivyokuwa tunafanya, kwa hiyo nawashukuru waliotusaidia kwa hilo,”alisisitiza.
 Mwanafunzi mwingine,  Mwanaidi Athumani, alisema kabla ya kupatiwa umeme wa jua ,walikuwa wakipata madhara mbalimbali wakati walipokuwa wakijisomea.
 Kwa mujibu wa mwanafunzi huyo madhara hayo ni pamoja na makaratasi ya mitihani waliyokuwa wakijisomea  kuungua na wengine nyumba walizokuwa wakiishi kuteketea kwa moto.
Mwenyekiti wa Taasisi PEN TRUST,Mungwe Athuman, alibainisha kwamba taasisi ya kujitolea ya BFF kutoka nchini Marekani, imeamua kutoa msaada wa umeme wa jua kwenye maktaba zote 160, zilizopo mkoani Singida.
 Akizindua mradi huo wa umeme wa jua, Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Singida,Dk. Parseko Kone, alifafanua kwamba asasi hiyo ya BFF iliamua kusaidia taa hizo kwa kila mwanafunzi wa shule zilizopo pembezoni, ili wajisomee kwa urahisi.

Mkuu wa Shule hiyo,Daud Mavyombo, aliwashukuru wafadhili kwa msaada huo na kueleza changamoto zingine zinazoikabili shule hiyo kuwa ni upungufu wa walimu wa sayansi,kukosekana mabweni ya wasichana, ukosefu wa maabara na vifaa vyake.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Uwanja wa ndege wa shambuliwa

KABUL, Afghanistan
WATU watatu wamefariki dunia na wengine 20 kujeruhiwa baada ya kutokea mlipuko katika uwanja wa ndege wa kimataifa uliopo mjini Kabul.
Mashuhuda wa tukio hilo walisema mtu mmoja alijitoa mhanga kwa kujilipua ambapo aliwalenga wanajeshi wa kimataifa nje ya lango kuu la uwanja huo.
Lango hilo hutumiwa na vikosi vya kijeshi vya kigeni, ambapo bado haijabainika endapo walinusurika na shambulio hilo.
Msemaji wa polisi alisema, shambulio hilo lilifanyika karibu na ofisi za safari za ndege nchini humo zilizoko nje ya uwanja.
Shambulizi hilo linafanyika ikiwa ni siku tatu baada ya mwanamgambo mmoja kuwaua watu 14 wakiwemo raia tisa wa kigeni mjini humo.

Nkuruzinza aonya

RAIS Pierre Nkuruzinza, ametoa onyo kali kuhusiana na jaribio lingine lolote la kutaka kuchukua madaraka ya nchi hiyo kwa kutumia nguvu.
Alisema jaribio la namna hiyo halipaswi kufanyika tena na serikali itahakikisha inakabiliana na makundi yenye nia ya kuvuruga amani kwa kuwa vitendo hivyo vitasababisha umasikini na vita.
Nkuruzinza alitoa kauli hiyo ikiwa ni siku mbili baada ya Marekani kumuonya kutoendelea na nia ya kuwania urais kwa muhula wa tatu.
Marekani imesema kitendo cha Nkuruzinza kugombea tena urais, kitazorotesha usalama nchini humo na kutishia misaada ya kimataifa.
Msemaji wa Ikulu ya Marekani, Jeff Rathke, alisema nchi hiyo inawasiwasi kufuatia uwezekano wa kutokea ghasia zaidi baada ya Nkurunziza kurejea Burundi.
Alisema Marekani inamtambua Nkurunzinza kama rais halali wa Burundi licha ya kusisitiza kiongozi huyo kutowania muhula wa tatu.
Baadhi ya maofisa wa kijeshi walioshiriki kuongoza mapinduzi wamekamatwa huku wengine wakitokomea na kusakwa na majeshi watiifu wa serikali.
Kiongozi wa mapinduzi hayo Generali Godefroid Niyombare, anaendelea kusakwa

Wakimbizi wa Burundi wahifadhiwa Lake Tanganyika

KUFUATIWA kuongezeka kwa idadi ya wakimbizi kutoka Burundi, uwanja wa michezo wa Lake Tanganyika, umetumika kwa muda kuhifadhia wakimbizi wakati wakipatiwa msaada wa chanjo na matibabu.
Kwa mujibu wa Shirika la Kuhudumia Wakimbizi la UNHCR, idadi ya watu 100,000 wamekimbia nchini Burundi kufuatia mzozo wa kisiasa unaoendelea.
Idadi kubwa ya wakimbizi hao wamepokelewa nchini Tanzania huku wengine wakikimbilia nchi ya Jamhuri ya Demokrasia ya Kongo, Rwanda na Uganda. Msemaji wa UNHCR mjini Geneva, Karin de Gruijl alisema idadi imeongezeka zaidi siku chache zilizopita huku wengine wakiishi kwenye fukwe za Ziwa Tanganyika.
Alisema kufuati hali hiyo, wengine wamehifadhiwa kwa muda kwenye uwanja wa Lake Tanganyika kwa ajili ya chanjo, ukaguzi na baadae watapelekwa kwenye kambi za wakimbizi.
Alisema malori 17, yaliyobeba vifaa muhimu kama vile vyandarua dawa na mahema yanapelekwa Kigoma.